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Galeiras is a family owner and operated Jewellery manufacturing business renowned for its jewellery design, manufacturing skill, integrity, reliability and highly professional approach in to jewellery manufacturing.

Based in the north of Portugal, in Gondomar, its in-house team is multidisciplinary and made up of weathered professionals with the know-how to execute any piece, from either a drawing or sample, at an optimal quality-price ratio.

Boasting extensive technical knowledge, the company has a special flair for working with9kt., 14kt., 18 kt., applying techniques such as injection, stamping, laser, enamelling, engraving, stone setting and hollow tubes.

The Online Jewellery Company OJCO exist to open the road to the world’s best jewellery creators. To connect the makers and the buyers of jewellery and watches, overcoming the traditional barriers to attaining those rare finds and beautiful pieces of jewellery.

The Online Jewellery Company OJCO offers a home for jewellery choice and diversity. To satisfy the curiosity in all of us. While fulfilling the world’s constant search for a better deal in Jewellery and watches.

OJCO’s curiosity that drives us to constantly unearth more of what’s out there for our jewellery and watch customers. OJCO’s commitment to leveraging the power of online to drive our search for exceptional quality. An innate curiosity which takes us to all corners of the globe, to the makers and creators of the most incredible finds. OJCO’s drive to constantly search, curate and offer the most diverse discoveries and the best jewellery and watch deals.

The Online Jewellery Company OJCO is obsessed…

With the opportunity to reinvent the way consumers buy fine jewellery and watches , offering them the diversity of deals and discoveries previously only available to industry insiders. With the opportunity to combine the advantages of online with unlimited creativity, unbound choice, unparalleled access and unbreakable trust.