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Showcase your lucky charms

Many people believe that charms may have come into existence as a way of keeping evil spirits at bay. These days it’s still a popular belief that charms can bring luck – and who could go past a sweet sterling silver clover leaf charm as a special token to wish someone good fortune?

The charm bracelet trend

Collecting charms is a passionate past time for some jewellery lovers. For those who love travel, having a charm collection can be a wonderful way to capture treasured memories of landmarks and moments abroad. That tiny little Eiffel Tower charm could also symbolise a trip yet to come or a dream yet to be fulfilled. 

For others a charm bracelet is a way to individualise their style. The wonderful thing about jewellery embellished with charms is that no two items need to be the same. Depending on the charms you choose and the position you place them in, you can create your very own unique piece of jewellery to be treasured forever.

Charms to mark a milestone

Aside from representing precious memories and showcasing individuality, charms are a great way to mark a special occasion or life event. Giving a charm to a friend or loved one on a milestone birthday such as a sweet 16th, 21st or 50th can be a wonderful way to mark that occasion with a keepsake that will last much longer than the celebrations of the moment. Our Turkish yellow gold 21 charm or our lucky sterling silver number 18 charm with tiny four-leaf clover could be someone’s favourite birthday present.

Charms can also be a wonderful way to show love and affection, to mark religious occasions and anniversaries or special events. We have a wonderful range of cross charms and Jewish celebration charms.

Charms that dazzle are just so lovely

While The Online Jewellery Company have a wide range of special occasion and religious charms, we also bring you some wonderful charms set with beautiful stones.

Give the dazzling gift of a heart shapes charm filled with sparkling cubic zirconia or a lucky number 21 charm with a gorgeous cubic zirconia filled horse shoe.

Charms in all types of metals

At The Online Jewellery Company we believe in curating a selection of jewellery charms to cater for all tastes. That is why you will find a wide choice of sweet charms in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver.

Charm carriers may be just what you need

Do you have a lovely necklace or bracelet from which you would like to hang a special charm? We have a selection of charm carriers that allow you to affix your favourite charm to a chain.

No matter your personal style or taste, The Online Jewellery Company have a wide range of charms to suit. Browse our online store today to discover our wide range of gold and sterling silver charms.




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