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Diamond bands

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Beautiful diamond wedding bands from The Online Jewellery Company

The owners of have spent decades working in the fine jewellery industry. That means that we know where to find the most exquisite items and how to offer them for the best value.

When it comes to wedding bands, you can trust us to offer you a range that is second to none. All of our wedders are set within 18kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold or platinum and feature a selection of sparkling diamonds nestled within the band.

Diamond wedder choices

There are many different styles available for diamond wedders. Apart from choosing between precious metals, you will also need to consider the diamond’s weight, cut, colour and clarity.

All diamonds at have a colour rating of H1, which means that they are near colourless. Our diamond clarity is l1 or P1.

Our selection includes diamonds carat weights of 0.25ct, 0.33ct, 0.50ct or 0.75 ct.

Set your sights on perfection

When it comes to choosing a diamond wedding band, you will also need to consider the setting. There are many different ways that diamonds can be set into the precious metal and each style can greatly influence the look of the ring. We offer rings with claw, pave and channel settings.

Claw set

The claw setting is the most widely used and most popular setting for diamond rings. Each diamond is held in place by tiny metal prongs or claws.

Pave set

Pave (pronounced ‘pa-vay’) literally means ‘paved’ in French. So, pave set rings are paved with diamonds. This style gives an effect of the band being made entirely out of diamonds as it features lots of smaller diamonds closely set together with little visibility of the prongs that are holding the stones in place.

Channel set

Channel set rings envelope the diamonds within a channel of precious metal. Each diamond is held tightly into the ring channel by grooves fashioned into each wall of the channel. This style has the benefit of the diamonds sitting flush within the channel so that they are less likely to catch on other items during day to day life. 

Enhance your diamonds with a colourful gemstone

Perhaps your fiancé likes a little colour in her life or loves to stand out from the crowd? Why not consider a ring that combines the clear sparkle of diamonds with the glamour of a precious gemstone such as sapphire or ruby. Take a look at our gorgeous sapphire and 0.15ct diamond wedder in white gold or our ruby and 0.15ct diamond wedder in 18kt white gold 

Whether you’re looking for a diamond wedding band in platinum, white gold or yellow gold, The Online Jewellery Company has a beautiful selection to make your decision easy. Browse our online store today to discover our range of diamond wedders. 

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